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About SAM

Songbird Asset Management (SAM) was founded with the core mission to deliver better risk-adjusted returns through high active management. We are a private investment firm based in Washington, DC, that specializes in U.S. small/mid-cap public equity investing, in separately managed accounts.

Our investing edge is our ability to identify unknown, misunderstood or transforming businesses and our disposition to hold them for the long-term.
In a world of passive investing, we believe in high active management and low portfolio turnover for maximum long-term gain. Our goal is to outperform the market on a risk-adjusted basis over a full business cycle.

We manage a high-conviction portfolio of 20 to 30 small/mid-cap U.S. stocks, held in separately managed accounts. We operate under a "best ideas" mandate and each position must compete to be in the portfolio.

As small/mid-cap specialists, we search for undiscovered gems using a fundamental, bottom-up research process. We strive to find businesses that are poised to become the next Apple, Starbucks, or Wal-Mart.

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